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Lorin Hochstein lorin at nimbisservices.com
Sat Aug 31 14:09:59 UTC 2013

On Fri, 30 Aug 2013 08:33:40 -0500, Anne Gentle wrote:
> I applaud Julien's note and we're happy to work with the teams on finding
> where docs should go. Julien's feeling very behind, and I'm sure other
> projects are feeling the same.
> We all have to set priorities. Here's where I'd start.
> Log doc bugs in openstack-manuals for:
> installation
> configuration
> day-to-day running
> end-user tasks
> admin tasks
> troubleshooting
> Log doc bugs in openstack-api-site for:
> API reference docs

Would it help  if doc bugs were associated with the relevant OpenStack project, in addition to the openstack-manauls project? For example, we could mark nova-related doc bugs as "nova" project bugs in addition to "openstack-manuals" project bugs.

This would make outstanding doc issues more visible to the relevant devs, and would reinforce the idea that missing/incorrect documentation in, say, nova should be viewed as a *nova* issue and not simply a *documentation* issue. In particular, it could generate more doc-focused effort when it comes time for the pre-release bug squashing activities, since devs will be encouraged to squash those bugs in their project.

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Lorin Hochstein
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