[openstack-dev] Blueprint for Nova native image building

Ian McLeod imcleod at redhat.com
Wed Aug 28 00:08:32 UTC 2013


Thanks for the reminder to follow up on list.

To summarize my read of this thread, the strong consensus seems to be to
keep the detailed mechanics of building individual operating systems out
of nova itself.  It also seems there's no universally agreed upon
alternative location for it within the existing components, though the
plugable asynchronous import proposal for glance seems like a sensible

What we've opted to do for the moment is focus on expanding our original
standalone proof of concept to support more operating systems and more
cleanly support both network and DVD/iso based installs, in part based
on the expanded block device mapping work that Nikola has been doing.

We're also working on a smaller/targeted enhancement to nova to allow
specifying a kernel command line, in addition to a ramdisk and kernel
when booting an instance.  This will allow us to avoid crafting custom
boot media when installing Linux under both KVM and, most likely, Xen
hypervisors.  Dennis' initial patch set for this:



On Mon, 2013-08-26 at 13:46 -0400, Russell Bryant wrote:
> I believe this is where the thread stopped a couple weeks ago.  I was
> just curious what has happened since.  How did you interpret all of the
> feedback given, and what direction have you decided to take next?
> Thanks,

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