[openstack-dev] Tempest now Running in Parallel in the Gate

Matthew Treinish mtreinish at kortar.org
Mon Aug 26 22:34:56 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

So as the title indicates I pushed through the change that migrates tempest to
run by default in parallel. (except for the neutron job, which still needs work
to run in parallel) This should improve the run times for tempest jobs to
between 20-30min on average which will definitely help with the upcoming
milestone rush. However, the short term trade-off of this is that it adds a bit
more flakiness to the tempest runs. But, it's a good flaky albeit an annoying
one. :)

Running in parallel actually helps us simulate a real workload a bit better
than before. Since we're running 4 test cases at once it more closely resembles
a real OpenStack deployment (at least compared to running the tests one at a time)
Just in debugging things to get it ready for running in the gate, I uncovered
some race conditions that pre-existed in the projects, and I'm sure there are
some more. There are probably still races between tests in tempest as well that
will have to be sorted.

So I'm asking everyone to be diligent with watching (and using) the recheck list
and that all the devs just don't recheck and forget. We need a combined effort from
everyone to make things stable and debug seemingly random failures when they
come up. If we can iron out most of the flakiness by the milestone rush having
the faster runtime will definitely help make the surge easier for everyone.


Matt Treinish

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