[openstack-dev] Migrating to testr parallel in tempest

Ben Nemec openstack at nemebean.com
Thu Aug 22 21:36:18 UTC 2013

On 2013-08-22 16:28, Matthew Treinish wrote:
> Another option that I've thought about is making the testr-full jobs 
> voting on
> the check queue. This way it will raise parallel failures to peoples 
> attention
> but not increase the number of gate resets. The only tradeoff here is 
> that it
> will make the voting gate jobs differ from the voting check jobs which 
> is
> something that we try to avoid. So I'm not sure it's a real option.

Hmm, I kind of like this idea.  No worries about slowing down the gate 
with new transient failures, but we gain the speed benefits on checks.  
And it seems to me that anything failing in the gate with serial jobs 
that passed the parallel check job is a bug anyway, and not necessarily 
something that would be avoided by running the check serially.  After 
all, they're running the exact same tests, right?

Maybe there are other less pleasant complications from that sort of 
setup that I'm missing, but it seems like a good first step to me.


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