[openstack-dev] [keystone] driver/pluggable base classes and ABCMeta

Clay Gerrard clay.gerrard at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 17:17:23 UTC 2013

I recently took a peek at stevedore [1] which I think Doug has to take
credit for in part through work on ceilometer.  I bumped into it cause Kurt
called it out in his post yesterday on Marconi [2].

ANYWAY, the stevedore documentation also calls out ABC's as a good model
for plugins [3], so there may already be more broad traction for this
approach in OpenStack.  I certainly think it's worth looking into further.


1. https://github.com/dreamhost/stevedore/commits/master
3. http://stevedore.readthedocs.org/en/latest/tutorial/creating_plugins.html

On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 10:22 PM, Morgan Fainberg <m at metacloud.com> wrote:

> I've been doing some pondering on how Keystone handles the various
> pluggable systems with it's Manager / Driver architecture.
> Currently we implement the base driver class as follows:
> There is a driver object that has a number of reference functions defined
> on it, each of these functions typically raises NotImplemented() and has a
> docstring describing the expected behavior.  A simple example of this would
> be the Token Driver base class.  A complex example would be the Identity
> Driver base class.
> Example:
> class AbstractBaseClassTest(object):
>     def abstract_method1(args, kwargs):
>         raise NotImplemented()
>     def abstract_method2(args, kwargs):
>         ...
> This type of system is not inherently bad, nor flawed, but there are some
> cases when I've run into situations that raise a NotImplemented() error
> unexpectedly (usually in custom code I've had to write around a driver or
> replace a driver with and "internal to my company" implementation).
> For those not familiar with ABCMeta, abstract base classes, and the abc
> module:
> In a model that uses an abstract metaclass, the base class methods that
> need to be overridden are decorated with the "abstractmethod" decorator
> from the "abc" module.  This decorator when coupled with the ABCMeta
> metaclass, requires all abstract methods to be overridden by the class that
> inherits from the base class before the class can be instantiated.
>  Similarly there is an "abstractproperty" decorator for @property methods.
> The exception raised looks like:
> TypeError: Can't instantiate abstract class TestClass with abstract
> methods AbsTest1, AbsTest2
> The benefits are two fold.  First, this means that a new driver could not
> be implemented without overriding the expected methods (no raising
> "NotImplemented()" unintentionally) and it guarantees that even seldom-used
> expected functions would be defined on the driver implementations.  Second
> benefit is that these abstract methods can be called via the standard
> super() call, therefore if there is some base functionality that should be
> used (or legitimately you want to raise NotImplemented()), it is possible
> to have that defined on the parent class.
> Example abstract base class (with using six module instead of directly
> setting __metaclass__):
> class AbstractBaseClassTest(six.with_metaclass(abc.ABCMeta)):
>     @abc.abstractmethod
>     def abstract_method1(int_arg):
>         # we can do something here instead of raising
>         # NotImplemented()
>         return (int_arg + 1)
> On to the downsides, the compatibility between python2.7 and python3k
> (using the six library) is not the most pleasing thing to look at.  It
> requires defining the object that inherits from a method call
> six.with_metaclass.  I also have not looked at the performance implications
> of this, however, at first blush, it doesn't look like should be
> significant.  There are possibly other pitfalls that haven't come to mind
> as of yet.
> In short, the drivers should probably be actual abstract classes, since
> that is what they effectively are.  I've seen this functionality used in
> both Neutron and Ironic.  I could see it providing some benefits from it in
> Keystone.  I wanted to get the general feeling from the Mailing List on
> using abstracted base classes in lieu of our current implementation prior
> to proposing a Blueprint, etc.  I don't see this as a Havana implementation
> but possibly something to consider for Icehouse.
> I don't know if the benefits really would bring us a huge win in Keystone,
> but I think it would make understanding what should be implemented when
> subclassing for driver development (and similar pluggable systems) a bit
> more clear.
> Cheers!
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