[openstack-dev] Announcing Tuskar project and PTL nominations

Sylvain Bauza sylvain.bauza at bull.net
Thu Aug 22 13:20:07 UTC 2013

Hi Martyn,

Le 22/08/2013 13:23, Martyn Taylor a écrit :
> Hi Sylvain,
> We are currently working on design docs.  We'll be adding some 
> architecture diagrams and description to our documentation soon.
Nice to know, thanks.

> To answer your question re: provisioning and images.
> In our currently implementation (which is very early days), we took 
> images that were built from by Triple O, namely the overcloud 
> non-compute and compute images and we use these directly.  in the demo 
> environment you seen in the video, we used Triple O CI to set up the 
> machine, register the relevant overcloud images with glance and so on.
> In Tuskar, we lifted from TripleO a copy of the triple-o overcloud 
> heat template and made some modifications.  We split out the 
> non-compute and compute sections, this allows us to add multiple 
> entries of each of the non-compute and compute sections (based on what 
> is registered in Tuskar) we then add a section to enforce deployment 
> of the particular images onto particular bare metal machines.  (This 
> allows us to match hardware to OpenStack services).  We do this by 
> using the force_hosts capability in the nova bare metal driver: 
> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/baremetal-force-node.
> We also add some extra commands to the Heat template to registers 
> flavors and associates the flavors, host aggregates and baremetal 
> nodes in the overcloud nova control instance. This allows us to tell 
> the nova scheduler to match any instance requests with flavors that 
> were registered with a resource class in Tuskar with particular 
> hardware that has also been added to that resource class.

Thanks for the explanation, I'm understanding more. So, basically, *and 
I understand this is a POC*, your API allows to dynamically build yaml 
templates for injecting Openstack components thanks to os-apply-config 
and os-refresh-config, packed in some images built by disk-image-builder ?

> As Tomas mentioned, our initial release is really just a Proof of 
> Concept.  We'll be working to add more complex features and probably 
> rework much of our "short cuts".  Our aim though is to contribute as 
> much as possible (or as much that makes sense) of Tuskar upstream into 
> TripleO or any other component that we utilize and extend and have 
> Tuskar really concentrate on how to utilize existing components to 
> manage and deploy an OpenStack at large scale.

Totally understand. So, my next question is : do you have kind of a 
roadmap, which could tell us when you feel confident for releasing 
something ready for lab usage ? =)


> Regards
> Martyn
> On 21/08/13 16:15, Sylvain Bauza wrote:
>> Hi Tomas,
>> Are there any design docs which could explain how you provision the 
>> baremetal hosts ?
>> As far as I can see, it seeems you're relying on TripleO heat 
>> templates, right ?
>> Are you then using disk-image-builder ?
>> Thanks,
>> -Sylvain
>> PS : I just looked at the Youtube demo 
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEY035-Lyzo
>> Le 21/08/2013 14:32, Tomas Sedovic a écrit :
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> We would like to announce Tuskar, an OpenStack management service.
>>> Our goal is to provide an API and UI to install and manage OpenStack 
>>> at larger scale: where you deal with racks, different hardware 
>>> classes for different purposes (storage, memory vs. cpu-intensive 
>>> compute), the burn-in process, monitoring the HW utilisation, etc.
>>> Some of this will overlap with TripleO, Ceilometer and possibly 
>>> other projects. In that case, we will work with the projects to 
>>> figure out the best place to fix rather than duplicating effort and 
>>> playing in our own sandbox.
>>> Current status:
>>> There's a saying that if you're not embarrassed by your first 
>>> release, you've shipped too late.
>>> I'm happy to say, we are quite embarrassed :-)
>>> We've got a prototype that allows us to define different hardware 
>>> classes and provision the racks with the appropriate images, then 
>>> add new racks and have them provisioned.
>>> We've got a Horizon dashboard plugin that shows the general 
>>> direction we want to follow and we're looking into integrating 
>>> Ceilometer metrics and alarms.
>>> However, we're still tossing around different ideas and things are 
>>> very likely to change.
>>> Our repositories are on Stackforge:
>>> https://github.com/stackforge/tuskar
>>> https://github.com/stackforge/python-tuskarclient
>>> https://github.com/stackforge/tuskar-ui
>>> And we're using Launchpad to manage our bugs and blueprints:
>>> https://launchpad.net/tuskar
>>> https://launchpad.net/tuskar-ui
>>> If you want to talk to us, pop in the #tuskar IRC channel on 
>>> Freenode or send an email to openstack-dev at lists.launchpad.net with 
>>> "[Tuskar]" in the subject.
>>> PTL:
>>> Talking to OpenStack developers, we were advised to elect the PTL 
>>> early.
>>> Since we're nearing the end of the Havana cycle, we'll elect the PTL 
>>> for a slightly longer term -- the rest of Havana and throughout 
>>> Icehouse. The next election will coincide with those of the official 
>>> OpenStack projects.
>>> If you are a Tuskar developer and want to nominate yourself, please 
>>> send an email to openstack-dev at lists.launchpad.net with subject 
>>> "Tuskar PTL candidacy".
>>> The self-nomination period will end on Monday, 26th August 2013, 
>>> 23:59 UTC.
>>> -- 
>>> Tomas Sedovic
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