[openstack-dev] LXC host device passthrough

Mikyung Kang mkkang at isi.edu
Wed Aug 21 21:31:03 UTC 2013


We are considering the LXC host device passthrough for GPU.
Is anybody already working on this LXC host device passthrough?

If it is not already done,
we are interested in implementing this LXC host device passthrough.
We want to get some opinions/comments about LXC host device passthrough.

We think LXC host device passthrough is similar to KVM pci-passthrough,
and can share much code for KVM PCI Passthrough:

We think it can be done by adding some code for LXC passthrough 
to the KVM pci-passthrough code by updating codes under nova/pci/ 
and creates a few more files. Maybe DB, scheduler, and object support wise, 
they can be adapted for LXC host device by adding one more table.

Any better idea?


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