[openstack-dev] [Stackalytics] 0.2 release

Ilya Shakhat ishakhat at mirantis.com
Wed Aug 21 19:56:46 UTC 2013

Hello everyone!

We are excited to present the new release of
Stackalytics<http://www.stackalytics.com/>- 0.2. One of major features
of this release is review processing. It gives
data on who reviews most, distribution of reviews by engineers or by
modules, what is the ratio of positive to negative marks. Also the service
now shows all projects from OpenStack world - nearly 150 active projects!
And the last but not the least - filtering options are made more intuitive,
user may slice the stats by release, project type, module, company,
engineer and, of course, by metric.

Full release notes are below:

   - Changed internal architecture. Got rid of persistent storage in Mongo.
   Configuration file
serves as persistent storage.
   - Added polling of Gerrit for retrieval of review related source data.
   - Implemented basic statistics for reviews: number of reviews over time,
   number of negative/positive review, ratio of positive and negative reviews.
   - Redesigned navigation and layout of statistics pages.
   - Implemented auto-assignment of commits to release cycles based on
   - Implemented automated retrieval of projects list from GitHub API.
   - Cleanup of default_data.json (reduced from 14k LOC to 4k)
   - Added to corrections.json all commits which are over 3k LOC and looks
   like auto-generated.
   - Implemented feature request Sort bugs ID as numbers, not as
   - Fixed bunch deletion from

More details on the architecture are on project's wiki:
https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Stackalytics And certainly welcome everyone
who wants to run the service on their own:

We currently gather feature requests for version 0.3 - feel free to post
blueprint to project's space at launchpad:

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