[openstack-dev] General Question about CentOS

Jay Buffington me at jaybuff.com
Mon Aug 19 15:08:58 UTC 2013

We're doing continuous deployment on Oracle Linux 6.3, using a RHEL kernel
making it almost identical to CentOS 6.3.  We're using keystone, glance,
neutron and nova.  The neutron metadata service doesn't work, nor do
overlapping ips: both need network namespace support in the kernel which
wasn't introduced until 3.0.0.  We use the nova metadata service with an
iptables hack.   We disabled overlapping ips.

There are also some libvirt issues.  We're running the stock libvirt
0.9.10, which, for reasons I can't recall, required running the nova
compute process as root.  Also, there were some issues relating to
libvirt's host-passthrough, which were actually back ported in to the
libvirt 0.9.10 by redhat, but the way nova does the check it doesn't see
this backported capability (see nova's commit 2a236d24a).


On Fri, Aug 16, 2013 at 2:51 PM, Miller, Mark M (EB SW Cloud - R&D -
Corvallis) <mark.m.miller at hp.com> wrote:

>   Is OpenStack supported on CentOS running Python 2.6?****
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> Thanks,****
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> Mark****
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