[openstack-dev] Proposal oslo.db lib

Flavio Percoco flavio at redhat.com
Mon Aug 19 10:52:56 UTC 2013

On 19/08/13 14:17 +0400, Boris Pavlovic wrote:
>Agreed. I'd also like to see other project migrated before pulling
>oslo.db out from oslo-incubator
>as I wrote before oslo.db code is used by:  Nova, Neutron, Cinder, Ironic,
>Ceilometer use oslo.db. And we have already patches to switch in Glance to id.
>And we are woking in Keystone and Heat. 
>Why (nova, neutron, cinder, ironic and ceilometer) is not enough to say that
>the code is OK?

Because we're talking about the database code here. All projects
depend / will depend on it. I wouldn't consider the whole API stable
until all projects have successfully migrated to it. There are corner
cases that could have been missed and that would require a new oslo.db
release - assuming it has been pulled out - for them to be applied to
projects using it.

I'm sorry if I'm being paranoid, I just think we should first focus on
migrating all projects - those that will / should migrate -
successfully and then pulling oslo.db out.

>Hm, I really don't see big problems with migrating to oslo.db lib even in this
>moment, because in oslo-incubator and in oslo.db is the same code.. Could you
>explain what problem you see in process of migartion? (For me it is add one
>more requirments, remove openstack/db/.. folder, switch imports)..

AFAIK, doing this will require to:

1) Set up a new repository
2) Make a release / tarball that you could use in the requirements
3) Change imports on all projects using oslo-incubator db code.

All the steps above require people to review patches and step 3 needs
to be done on 5 projects. In the meantime, you're also submitting
patches to the not-yet migrated projects that are based on Oslo's code
and those patches, if not yet merged - will also have to be updated.

My concern is that there's a lot of work yet to be done on this area
and I don't think it is ready to be pulled out yet. I'd prefer a
migration process similar to oslo.config. All project were using it
before it was pulled out and that was done when the API was considered

Pulling it out during Icehouse won't slow Oslo's db development down.
Remaining projects can still be migrated and released during Havanna.


Flavio Percoco

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