[openstack-dev] Proposal oslo.db lib

Flavio Percoco flavio at redhat.com
Mon Aug 19 09:29:18 UTC 2013

On 19/08/13 00:34 -0700, Gary Kotton wrote:
>I have a number of things to say here:
>1.       Great work in getting the DB into the common and ironing out the


>2.       As far as I know only Neutron and Nova are making use of the common DB
>code. Neutron has been using this since the beginning of H2 (this did not
>resolve all of the issues that we had and we had) and Nova has just recently
>upgraded to the latest DB code (this was a few weeks ago).
>3.        In general I like the idea of having a separate lib for this but have
>a number of reservations regarding the timing and stability:
>a.       I do not think that this has been running long enough in Neutron and
>Nova for us to give it a stamp of approval (the common CFG code was at least
>one cycle as common code prior to moving into its own lib). I think that in
>Neutron we still have a number of issues with load on the DB. I need to double
>check on this.

Agreed. I'd also like to see other project migrated before pulling
oslo.db out from oslo-incubator

>b.      I think that the beginning of Icehouse is a good time. When we moved to
>the CFG library there were a number of hickups and issues along the way. I
>think that Mark (oslo PTL) can elaborate a little more on this. Timing is


I'd also add that pulling oslo db into its own package means that
projects using Oslo's db code have to be migrated as well. I think
it's a bit late for that. The focus should be on making sure current
code is stable enough for the not-so-far release.

Thanks for the hard work!

Flavio Percoco

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