[openstack-dev] Proposal oslo.db lib

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Fri Aug 16 20:55:46 UTC 2013

Jay Pipes wrote:
>>>> Are you going to create a separate Launchpad project for the library
>>>> and track bugs against it separately? Or are you going to use the oslo
>>>> project in Launchpad for that?
>>> At the moment all of the oslo.* projects are just grouped under the
>>> overall Oslo project in LP.  Unless there's a reason to do otherwise I
>>> would expect that to be true of oslo.db too.
>> Has that decision been re-evaluated recently?
>> I feel like bug trackers are more useful when they are more focused. But
>> perhaps there are other reasons behind using a shared bug tracker.
> +1
> The alternative (relying on users to tag bugs consistently) is error-prone.

The reason is that it's actually difficult to get a view of all "oslo"
bugs due to Launchpad shortcomings (a project can only be in one project
group). So keeping them in a single "project" simplifies the work of
people that look after all of "Oslo".

This should be fixed in the future with a task tracker that handles
project groups sanely, and then there is no reason at all to use the
same project for different repositories.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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