[openstack-dev] GPU passthrough support blueprints for OpenStack

Brian Schott brian.schott at nimbisservices.com
Wed Aug 14 13:53:30 UTC 2013

Thanks for the pointers.  I'll try to work with the UCS-ISI team that currently maintains those stories and see if we can reconcile or close the old blueprints.  

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On Aug 14, 2013, at 6:03 AM, Bob Ball <bob.ball at citrix.com> wrote:

> Hi Brian,
> Instead of specific GPU pass-through there are blueprints for generic PCI pass through at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/pci-passthrough-base - these are being worked on for Havana and we're hopeful they will get in (possibly libvirt only) 
> In terms of vGPU rather than whole-GPU pass through, the slides are correct that XenServer support is very nearly here: http://www.xenserver.org/discuss-virtualization/q-and-a/nvidia-vgpu-on-xenserver-eg-gpu-hypervisor.html
> Support for static allocation of vGPU is likely going to be the first phase - and adding it as a resource similar to RAM/CPU isn't likely to be proposed until a second phase.
> As such, I think the integration should be very similar to PCI pass through above.
> Bob 
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>> Subject: [openstack-dev] GPU passthrough support blueprints for OpenStack
>> Are there more recent blueprints related to adding GPU pass-through
>> support?  All that I can find are some stale blueprints that I created around
>> the Cactus timeframe (while wearing a different hat) that are pretty out of
>> date.
>> I just heard a rumor that folks are doing Nvidia GRID K2 GPU passthrough
>> with KVM successfully using linux 3.10.6 kernel with RHEL.
>> In addition, Lorin and I did some GPU passthrough testing back in the spring
>> with GRID K2 on HyperV, libvirt+xen, and XenServer.  Slides are here:
>> http://www.slideshare.net/bfschott/nimbis-schott-
>> openstackgpustatus20130618
>> The virtualization support for  GPU-enabled virtual desktops and GPGPU
>> seems to have stabilized this year for server deployments.  How is this going
>> to be supported in OpenStack?
>> Brian
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