[openstack-dev] Proposal for approving Starting by scheduler development blueprint.

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Wed Aug 14 02:32:14 UTC 2013


My name is Rucia for Samsung SDS.

Now, I am developing Start Logic by nova-scheduler for efficient resources of host.

This function is already implemented in folsom release version.

It is used for the iscsi target such as HP san storage.

This is slightly different from the original version.

If you start the instance after stop, the instance will started at optimal Compute host.

The selected host is through the nova-scheduler.

<Before Logic>

1. Do not use the scheduler originally in start logic of Openstack Nova

2. Start on the host where the instance is created

<After Logic>

1. When the stopped instance start, Changed to start from the hosts that is selected by nova-scheduler

2. When the VM starts, Check the resources through check_resource_limit()


- You can use resources efficiently 

- When you start a virtual machine, You can solve the problem that is error caused by the lack of resources on a host.

Below is my blueprint and wiki page.




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