[openstack-dev] [keystone] Pagination

Henry Nash henryn at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Mon Aug 12 21:34:06 UTC 2013


I'm working on extending the pagination into the backends.  Right now, we handle the pagination in the v3 controller class....and in fact it is disabled right now and we return the whole list irrespective of whether page/per-page is set in the query string, e.g.:

    def paginate(cls, context, refs):
        """Paginates a list of references by page & per_page query strings."""
        # FIXME(dolph): client needs to support pagination first
        return refs

        page = context['query_string'].get('page', 1)
        per_page = context['query_string'].get('per_page', 30)
        return refs[per_page * (page - 1):per_page * page]

I wonder both for the V3 controller (which still needs to handle pagination for backends that do not support it) and the backends that do....whether we could use wether 'page' is defined in the query-string as an indicator as to whether we should paginate or not?  That way clients who can handle it can ask for it, those that don'twill just get everything.  


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