[openstack-dev] XenServer - supported image download interface

Mate Lakat mate.lakat at citrix.com
Mon Aug 12 09:55:57 UTC 2013

Hi Stackers,

I would like to advertise a feature, and a blueprint, that enables to
use sparse images with XenAPI using a supported interface.

The download part is ready, and waiting for review:


The blueprint could be found here:

I think the canges are self-contained and small.

If you want to try it out: (assuming you have a raw disk image called
0.raw - I was using a cirros image):

    cd /opt/stack/devstack/
    . openrc admin
    tar -czf raw-stuff.tgz 0.raw
    glance image-create --name raw-in-tgz \
      --container-format=ovf --disk-format=raw < raw-stuff.tgz
    nova boot --flavor m1.tiny --image raw-in-tgz raw-instance

To boot it as PV, set some metadata:

    glance image-update raw-in-tgz --property vm_mode=xen

Any review is appreciated.

Mate Lakat

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