[openstack-dev] Osl and dangerous code merging

Flavio Percoco flavio at redhat.com
Fri Aug 9 08:32:40 UTC 2013

On 08/08/13 19:01 -0400, Adam Young wrote:
>On 08/08/2013 07:05 AM, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
>>Totally. Code is not intended to live in oslo-incubator forever and
>>we're having increasing success in moving stuff out:
>Keystone has, I think, validated the set of oslo libraries that it 
>uses:  gettext, jsontutils, importutils, crypto, and policy.

I think jsonutils needs to be re-factored before it can be in its own
package. We recently had a short thread[0] about whether its functionality
could / should be extended and some folks were suggesting to consider
to_primitive deprecated. We should clear that matter before moving it
to its own package.

As for policy, I think it still needs some more time. A bunch of code
in that module was recently changed[1] and not all projects have migrated
to the latest version (in my plate).

>gettext and jsontutils I'd be OK with these in the same library, but 
>split is fine. I think  we sync down gettext and jsontutils, more 
>often than any others.
>Should importutils stand alone?  Seems reasonable.
>Crypto is a pretty strong contender as well.  I think it might make 
>sense to move it to a single file instead of a subdir.
>Would it be possible for Keystone core to be considered the 
>maintaners of oslo.policy?  We seem to have the most people focused 
>on RBAC and policy enforcement, and it seems to be a natural fit. 
>Policy was origianlly under Keystone.
>We should also have an auth library.  I could see huge pieces of 
>python-keystone client ending up in there.  Again, this would 
>probably be best owned by the Keystone team, at least to start.

What about discussing this in our next Oslo meeting? 




Flavio Percoco

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