[openstack-dev] Motion to start using Gerrit for TC votes

James E. Blair jeblair at openstack.org
Wed Aug 7 16:17:05 UTC 2013

Thierry Carrez <thierry at openstack.org> writes:

> Monty Taylor wrote:
>> What if instead we had a repo with a bunch of ReStructureText in it -
>> perhaps a copy of the TC charter and then a dir for additional things
>> the TC has decided. That repo would be autopublished to a non-wiki
>> website ... and the core team for the repo was the TC. EXCEPT, we didnt'
>> do a 2 core +2 thing ... we'd have some slightly different rules. Such
>> as - certain number of days it has to be open, certain number of +1
>> votes, etc. And then only the TC chair has the actual APRV vote, which
>> is used to codify the vote tallies.
> I think that's a great idea, tracking revisions of proposed motions and
> recording of the results/votes is not so great at this point. I would
> still prefer to use the ML and the meeting to *discuss* the motion, but
> tracking wording changes and approvals should be made easier.
> A few questions:
> * Chair can use APRV once the vote is over to indicate YES wins... how
> to indicate that the vote is over and NO won ? Abandon the review ?

When we upgrade to Gerrit 2.6 (we're waiting on two changes from Khai Do
to be accepted upstream, and then we should be able to!), I believe we
will get the ability to have per-project review categories, so we might
have something richer here ("Motion passed: Yes/No").  And use a label
other than "Code Review".

In the mean time, yes, I'd suggest abandoning it with a comment that the
motion failed (also, if Gerrit is used for voting, then it will also
probably be obvious from the review votes).

> * How do we handle proxies ? Giving temporary +2 to a non-TC member
> sounds like a bit of pain

Adding someone as a proxy could be as simple as adding them to the
appropriate group in Gerrit (which is just a couple of clicks).  Or
alternately, The chair could leave a comment listing proxy votes

[With some moderately intensive restructuring of our Gerrrit ACLs, we
could configure it so that only TC members could vote Code Review +/-1
(anyone can still leave a comment) and only the chair can vote Code
Review +/-2 and Approved.]


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