[openstack-dev] [climate] Mirantis proposal to extend Climate to support virtual resources reservation

Nikolay Starodubtsev nstarodubtsev at mirantis.com
Wed Aug 7 13:34:19 UTC 2013

Hello, Patrick, Scott!

I'll try to answer all your comments and show what vision we have now
(after some internal discussions lasted all yesterday).

As for now we're under strong impression that the main consumer of
Reservation-as-a-Service (as long as virtual resources are concerned) will
be HEAT.


>From end user's perspective, it seems to be not sufficient to have separate
reservations for a VM instance, Volume and Floating IP. User needs a way to
attach reserved Volume to a reserved VM and associate Floating IP with it.
Also, if there's a use case for that, we can support reservations of
individual resources as well through Heat.

That's why our current vision implies Heat as a main reservation consumer,
and Climate as a service managing lease abstractions with its politics,
notifications and so on.
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