[openstack-dev] [Nova] Network stuff in Nova API v3

Alex Xu xuhj at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed Aug 7 09:08:30 UTC 2013

Hi, guys,

Currently we have one core and two extensions that related network in 
Nova API v3.
They are ips, attach_interface and multinic. I have two questions for them.

The first question is about ips and attach_interface. The below was the 
index's response
of ips and attach_interface:
     "addresses": {
         "net1": [
                 "addr": "",
                 "mac_addr": "fa:16:3e:c2:0f:aa",
                 "type": "fixed",
                 "version": 4
                 "addr": "",
                 "mac_addr": "fa:16:3e:c2:0f:aa",
                 "type": "floating",
                 "version": 4

     "interface_attachments": [
             "fixed_ips": [
                     "ip_address": "",
                     "subnet_id": "f84f7d51-758c-4a02-a4c9-171ed988a884"
             "mac_addr": "fa:16:3e:c2:0f:aa",
             "net_id": "b6ba34f1-5504-4aca-825b-04511c104802",
             "port_id": "3660380b-0075-4115-be96-f08b41ccdf5d",
             "port_state": "ACTIVE"

The problem is the responses are similar, but just with different view,  
and all the information can
get from Neutron directly. I think we didn't want to proxy Neutron 
through Nova. So how about
we merge ips and attach_interface into an new extension. The new 
extension will be include the
things as below:
1. Extend the detail of servers to list the uuid of port. User can get 
more information from Neutron
by port uuid.
2. Attach and detach interface that move from extension attach_interface.
3. Extend the creation of servers to support network (The patch already 
here https://review.openstack.org/#/c/36615/)

The second question is about multinic. Looking into the code, multinic 
just add fixed_ip for server's port.
That can be done by Neutron API directly too. But there are 
inject_network_info and reset_network
in the code. Only xen and vmware's driver implement that function. I'm 
not familiar with xen and
vmware, I guess it use guest agent to update the guest network. If I am 
right, I think we didn't
encourage using that way to update guest network.There are api for 
inject_network_info and reset_network
in extension admin-actions also. I think we can keep them. But can we 
delete multinic for V3?


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