[openstack-dev] New release of pbr - 0.5.21

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Sun Aug 4 19:31:26 UTC 2013

Normally I don't announce pbr releases, because you should really never
notice them (unless they're fixing a bug you happen to be hitting) BUT -
this one fixes a long-standing request that I think should make people
happy, and there are some flags that folks can take advantage of should
they want.

First of all - we no longer use setuptools_git or d2to1 in pbr. The only
runtime dependency pbr has, in fact, is pip. So all of the packagers
that hated the setuptools_git thing should be happy.

We're still doing git-based manifest building though - we're just doing
it smarter - and it can be skipped. So now, if you set "SKIP_GIT_SDIST'
- the git-based code for building the sdist manifest will be skipped.
However, you probably won't even need to do that - because the new git
code ONLY runs when you're actually building an sdist - not on every
call to egg_info like setuptools_git (bad design in setuptools,
actually) So out of the box, I believe things should now Just Work™ the
way you'd expect.

Secondly - we're now explicit about the fact that pbr uses pip for
everything. That's great - however, I'm guessing that the distro
packagers might be a little annoyed by needing to install a build-depend
that they are not going to use. SO - you can set SKIP_PIP_INSTALL in the
environment in your spec or debian/rules file, and all code related to
parsing requirements files and trying to download things from pypi will
be bypassed.

Also, Sean Dague and I are working on requirements updating code, which
will also keep the boilerplate setup.py up to date too - so hopefully
this is one of the last times you'll ever think about pbr.


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