[openstack-dev] [Ceilometer] Event API Access Controls

Herndon, John Luke (HPCS - Ft. Collins) john.herndon at hp.com
Fri Aug 2 22:26:50 UTC 2013

Hello, I'm currently implementing the event api blueprint[0], and am
wondering what access controls we should impose on the event api. The
purpose of the blueprint is to provide a StackTach equivalent in the
ceilometer api. I believe that StackTach is used as an internal tool which
end with no access to end users. Given that the event api is targeted at
administrators, I am currently thinking that it should be limited to admin
users only. However, I wanted to ask for input on this topic. Any arguments
for opening it up so users can look at events for their resources? Any
arguments for not doing so? PS -I'm new to the ceilometer project, so let me
introduce myself. My name is John Herndon, and I work for HP. I've been
freed up from a different project and will be working on ceilometer. Thanks,
looking forward to working with everyone! -john  0:

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