[openstack-dev] [Grizzly] Retrieving a flavors extra-specs in horizon

Dale, StewartX T stewartx.t.dale at intel.com
Thu Aug 1 23:32:51 UTC 2013

Hi List,


I'm trying to port some UI(horizon) customization I did in Folsom so that it
works in Grizzly and I could use everyone's help. Must of the process has
gone smoothly, just one piece that isn't working. It's the code that gets
the extra-specs of a flavor. My old Folsom based code looks like this:


flavor = api.flavor_get(self.request, flavor_id)

extras = flavor.get_keys()

inst.flavor_id = flavor_id

if extras:

     inst.myvalue = extras['mySpecs']


     inst.myvalue = "-"


But using that code in Grizzly causes a crash ( and no log entries so I
don't even know why, just the). I did some research and saw in the release
notes of Grizzly that they had added support for getting a flavors extra
specs in horizon
port) but I can't find any actual examples of how to do it.  


I am hoping someone on the list might know.



-Stewart Dale


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