[openstack-dev] [metrics] releases study ready plus new look and feel

Daniel Izquierdo dizquierdo at bitergia.com
Thu Aug 1 10:00:28 UTC 2013


You can find at [1] the new look and feel of the activity dashboard. 
This is providing the same results as the old one, but with some 
improvements regarding to unique identities and affiliations.

In addition in [2], you'll see a releases study: Essex, Folsom, Grizzly 
and daily updated Havana, plus the whole history of the project. (Still 
takes a bit long to download everything u_u).

As usual, you can download the databases in [3] and json files in [4]. 
Both views, the activity dashboard and the releases study are using this 

Finally, I'd like to stress the point over the use of the actionable 
dashboard, where you can produce your own charts and compare if needed 
activity in projects or companies [5]. Given that it's a bit complex to 
have in a dashboard all of the necessities from the community, this 
place was built to create any chart you may require. I'd say that this 
is a really powerful tool to learn about the OpenStack community. And 
although this is only focused on companies and projects, any other 
metric or type of analysis could be potentially added.

As you can see, this is work in progress, so any feedback is more than 

Please, feel free to comment. This is a tool built for the community. So 
your requirements should be part of further developments.
An example of such requirements are to provide Gerrit metrics [6] per 
project as identified in the mailing lists some days ago (work in progress).


[1] http://activity.openstack.org/dash/browser/
[2] http://activity.openstack.org/dash/releases/
[3] http://activity.openstack.org/dash/browser/data/db/
[4] http://activity.openstack.org/dash/browser/data/json/
[5] http://activity.openstack.org/dash/dashboard/
[6] http://activity.openstack.org/dash/browser/scr.html

Links to the toolset and dash:

Features request/bugs/...:

Daniel Izquierdo Cortazar, PhD
Chief Data Officer
"Software Analytics for your peace of mind"

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