[openstack-dev] no-downtime DB migrations

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On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 3:48 PM, Robert Collins
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> There were I think 5? 6? sessions on this general topic at the summit.
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/HavanaNoDowntimeDBMigrations is the
> session I coordinated; where Johannes & Mark Wash volunteered to put
> together the basic infrastructure for OpenStack going forward.
> We captured several key constraints:
>  * one deploy of new code : distributors cannot depend on lots of little
> steps
>   * <=5 seconds downtime with the database on each migration applied
>   * Stay HA during the entire period
>   * work with mysql 5.1 in the sense of can install/deploy etc.
> no-downtime configurations can require very recent versions of the DB
> (e.g. MySQL 5.5 and above)
> And a basic design:
> Basic design:
>  * Running foo db-sync will apply migrations in no-downtime fashion
>  * Migrations may be expand-contract, or in-place depending on
> anticipated data-size
>  * Abstraction layer for dealing with different HA configurations
>  * Code talking to the DB will know how to deal with all intermediary
> versions of the DB

If we need to support "all" intermediary versions forever, then schema
migrations aren't exactly useful. So, how long do we need to maintain
support for intermediary migrations?

  A -> B -> C

In other words, if patch A introduces intermediary schema support, patch B
is a schema migration, and patch C removes legacy schema support, when can
patch C land? Next milestone? Next release?

(A and B could be the same commit, but I separated them for illustration)

In my opinion, this makes the timing-based releases much more difficult, as
it chokes the iteration process and makes swift's cycle much more appealing.

>  * Rollup migrations and cleanup legacy code on regular basis - e.g.
> once per release.
> IIRC glance was going to be the guinea pig, with code migrating from
> there to oslo once it starts to mature.
> Cheers,
> Rob
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