[openstack-dev] [heat][ceilometer] Can you please confirm those basic assumptions?

Patrick Petit patrick.petit at bull.net
Mon Apr 29 16:02:22 UTC 2013

Dear All,

Following the Design Summit in Portland and couple follow-up discussions 
we had with Julien Danjou, we have tried to delineate what we understand 
will shape changes between Heat and Ceilometer (versus what will remain 
relatively stable) regarding the Alarming and AutoScaling capabilities 
currently supported in Heat.

That question is important to us as as we would like to anticipate as 
much as possible those changes and so, avoid having to wait until the 
dust settles. I outlined below some high level assumptions which I would 
appreciate if someone could tell us whether they are correct or not. 
Here it is:

1 -  Support of Heat resources that implement the CloudWatch and 
AutoScaling service capabilities are maintained and possibly enhanced to 
reach feature parity with CloudFormation
2 - CloudWatch API becomes a facade to the Ceilometer API that is 
extended to support push metrics and alarms. Or will the CloudWatch API 
be deprecated altogether? We may question the idea that it makes sense 
to maintain two alarming APIs in OpenStack... In doing so, is it still 
intended to support cfn-push-stats in the VMs given the fact that it's 
linked to the Boto library?
3 - AutoScaling remains in Heat project but implementation will move out 
of Heat Engine to be supported as an independent service that will 
expose its own service API. But, from a template standpoint this should 
be transparent
4 - Ceilometer alarming will inter-operate with Heat AutoScaling by way 
of sending notifications and/or invoking webhooks (HTTP callbacks) 
defined in the alarm statement. But again, from a template standpoint 
this should be transparent.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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