[openstack-dev] [CI] Dependency managers needed

James E. Blair jeblair at openstack.org
Fri Apr 26 17:48:35 UTC 2013


OpenStack wants YOU to volunteer for dependency management.  Join
requirements-core today!

We have a spiffy new repository for globally synchronizing the
dependency requirements across OpenStack projects.  We need interested
people to join the team that will review changes to that repo.

If you are a PTL or sit on the TC, you really ought to join.  Do your

If you are a packager, what are you waiting for?

Here's the repository:


Here's a wiki page where we've started to describe the process:


The Infrastructure team is kicking this off, but we're not running it.
The requirements-core group will be self-managing and will set the
future direction (in consultation with the TC when needed) much like any
OpenStack project.  Our interest is in making sure that tests run
smoothly and in facilitating collaboration among the projects.  We don't
really care which version of which web request framework gets chosen,
which is why we need people who do care to participate.

If you are interested and are a core member of any OpenStack project,
reply to this email or chat with us in #openstack-infra on freenode and
we'll add you to the group.  When there are enough people for the group
to be self-managed, the group will be responsible for its own

If not enough people volunteer, I'm just going to add the TC and all the
PTLs and good luck to you.


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