[openstack-dev] [OSLO][RPC] AMQP / ZeroMQ control_exchange vs port numbers

Russell Bryant rbryant at redhat.com
Fri Apr 26 14:23:24 UTC 2013

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On 04/24/2013 10:53 AM, Julien Danjou wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 24 2013, Russell Bryant wrote:
>> That seems like a step backwards to me.  Right now we have a
>> nice generic notification mechanism that can be consumed by
>> ceilometer or something else.  This would be a move toward
>> coupling all projects with ceilometer specifically.  Is there
>> something problematic with consuming notifications as they are
>> today?
> No no, not really. Ceilometer consume one notification from the 
> notification AMQP bus, transforms it into several meters, then
> emits these meters on the RPC again.
> My idea is to provide a notifier driver (that could be used with
> or without the RPC notifier driver) to emits directly the meters
> and avoid one round-trip and useless AMQP load if someone doesn't
> care especially about notifications being on the AMQP bus.

I'm trying to understand the proposal ... would this mean taking some
ceilometer code and making a notification driver with it that
re-formats notifications into the form you want them in?

I'm still not feeling great about this.  The fact that ceilometer
doubles the messaging load doesn't seem like a good justification for
crossing the line into cross-project rpc.  If consuming notifications,
and then spitting data back out on the bus is a scale issue then ...
just don't do that?

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