[openstack-dev] [Quantum] [Networking] VPNaaS

Sachin Thakkar sthakkar at vmware.com
Fri Apr 26 06:43:30 UTC 2013

Trying the new Networking tag in the subject :) 

Anyway, we have a kickoff call for VPNaaS scheduled next Wednesday @ 5pm Pacific time. We will be discussing over the phone: 

Participant Passcode: 697 737 3510 
Call-in toll-free number (Premiere): 1-866-715-6501 (US) 
Additional International Numbers: http://pages.pgi-email.com/page.aspx?qs=5c591a8916642e738e03c25585184f841174bd68edc7b376f211065726f20c4087d2dbd294c95628953b9ebd93c298f8a59d287357f683bc937b0420662c826d43f873082e5033f476121c74d72cc5ed151c4b30a31fa1b2 

To all interested, hope to see you there. 

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