[openstack-dev] Should deleted glance images be visible still

Alex Meade alex.meade at rackspace.com
Thu Apr 25 17:42:22 UTC 2013

It's by design.
You can see deleted images when doing a show or a list with a filter such as the "changes-since" filter. If you do a list with no filters then deleted images should not appear. I can't remember all of the logic behind this though, just that there was good reason. Obviously, it had something to do with the need to lookup an image after it was deleted.
Thanks for asking though, perhaps we need to make the reasoning more obvious (or get rid of soft deletes) :)
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Is it by design that glance shows deleted images ? or is it a bug ? or am I experiencing some kind of caching  ?

I'm testing through the nova client:

As an end user in nova:

1. Create a vm2. nova image-create myvm myimage3. nova image-delete my-uuid4. nova image-show my-uuid
 | Property             | Value                                |
| status               | DELETED                              |
| updated              | 2013-04-25T10:24:02Z                 |
 | name                 | temp                 s                |
| created              | 2013-04-25T10:19:09Z                 |
| minDisk              | 20                                   |
| progress             | 0                                    |
 | minRam               | 512                                  |
| OS-EXT-IMG-SIZE:size | 893173760                            |
| id                   | 1b399542-a4fb-49a0-8130-69969f1175b8 |
Many ThanksMatthew Sherborne
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