[openstack-dev] 答复: [Networking] OpenStack Networking VPN first step

Leon Cui lcui at vmware.com
Thu Apr 25 00:09:45 UTC 2013

Hi Nachi,
It would be great to start from just focus on IPsec VPN for VPNaaS in this
release.  IPsec VPN is widely used (than SSL-VPN) by customers to bridge
the sites AFAIK and its model is more simple and mature to start with.


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主题: [openstack-dev] [Networking] OpenStack Networking VPN first step

Hi folks

I would like to ask your opinions.
[1] Nova parity VPN (Cloudpipe) is OpenStack Networking VPN first step.
Amazon VPC compatible api(*) is also great candidate to start.
And it is using IPSec.
The IPSec has more widely used than SSL-VPN in industry.
so, How about start with IPSec?

Currently, Cloudpipe is using SSL-VPN, However, Cloudpipe was intended to
let users to access to the VLAN, so I tend to think any VPN method is OK
if we can accomplish it.

so if you want to start with SSL-VPN, please let us know.
In that case, we will start with SSL-VPN.

(*) may be not fully same API, but similer model

[2] Generic VPN Service model
It looks like there is no strong opinion to have "mode" attribute on
Generic VPN Service.
so we would like to remove this attribute.

I registered the BP for Generic VPN service here.

Is this OK for you guys?


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