[openstack-dev] New mailing list : legal-discuss

Mark McLoughlin markmc at redhat.com
Wed Apr 24 21:07:19 UTC 2013


Thanks to Stefano, we now have a new mailing list ... just what you
always wanted :)


  The legal-discuss at lists.openstack.org mailing list is a forum for
  questions (even FAQs) that have a legal aspect to them. These
  questions may concern (for example) licensing, third party packages,
  contributor agreement questions and trademark issues. This list will
  build into an ad-hoc knowledge base about those thorny legal issues
  that most commonly affect the OpenStack project.

  In other words, this list has similar intent to
  legal-discuss at apache.org, legal at lists.fedoraproject.org,
  debian-legal at lists.debian.org, legal-list at gnome.org, etc.

  Opinions expressed on this this list do not constitute legal advice
  from the OpenStack Foundation, unless explicitly stated.

  Please keep speculation to a minimum and avoid making authoritative
  statements without genuine knowledge of the subject.

  Volunteers willing to codify discussions into a FAQ will be welcomed.


Credit goes to Richard Fontana for the idea. Please join us!


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