[openstack-dev] [OSLO][RPC] AMQP / ZeroMQ control_exchange vs port numbers

Eric Windisch eric at cloudscaling.com
Wed Apr 24 15:17:11 UTC 2013

> The change needed would then to allow easily several rpc connection to
> be handled -- something that, AFAIK, as been since always hidden in the
> RPC API, since you don't have to provide a connection object at any
> point.

It gets tricky because ZeroMQ doesn't have "a connection", although I suppose it could have different connection profiles (a different port number, for instance).
We have been discussing specifying a message destination as part of call/cast instead of topic as presently sent.

The new API might be something akin to:

dest = rpc.make_destination('compute', host='compute1', cell=CellState)
        rpc.cast(context, dest, msg)

# This would replace rpc.cast(context, topic, msg)
        # which would have a check to set topic = dest if not isinstance(RpcDestination, dest)

Presently, we have various ways of specifying the location of the queues:
 * rabbit_host + rabbit_port + control_exchange (plus auth)
 * qpid_host + qpid_port + control_exchange (plus auth)

 * zmq_port + (matchmaker || consumer_host)
 * cell (which maps to some subset of the above)

This makes figuring out the proper abstraction for make_destination() a bit complex if we want to do anything besides topic and host.

The ZeroMQ example above is a bit strange, but I wasn't sure how else to express it. Basically, we need to lookup some topics in the matchmaker, but if we're sending messages to a host directly, we can skip that. The code presently knows to send messages to a host by delimiting on a period, but it turns out that projects are suddenly using periods in topics to delimitate all sorts of other things.

For ZeroMQ, a control_exchange is effectively a zmq_port *AND* its associated matchmaker, which is pluggable. Plugins usually will have their own host/port/auth. The MatchMaker basically maintains a mapping of topics to consuming peers. Technically, we could lookup all topics here, even "compute.host" topics, but we can circumvent a global lookup by sending messages directly to "host".

Perhaps an rpc-abstraction level concept of a "cell" or "project" is needed? That would be an identifier encompassing all the connection details (i.e. host/control_exchange, zmq_port/matchmaker), however such may be defined for the driver being used?

Eric Windisch

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