[openstack-dev] Pecan vs Falcon?

John Dickinson me at not.mn
Wed Apr 24 14:04:21 UTC 2013

Other can chime in with their reasons, but the two biggest reason for me were:

1) WebOb's tendency to break in a backwards-incompatible way with many releases. Looking at v 1.0.8 to version 1.2.x was painful

2) WebOb has lots of "magic" that makes it hard to figure out what's going on. Specifically, setting and reading many attributes ended up calling getters and setters that also affected headers on the request or response. For example, properly setting a content-type and a charset on a response object does lots of magic that ends up making it hard for a developer to clearly see what's actually going to be in the response

A smaller benefit to replacing WebOb with an internal module is that it removes a dependency for deployers and packagers.


On Apr 24, 2013, at 6:20 AM, Kurt Griffiths <kurt.griffiths at rackspace.com> wrote:

>> ...there's a huge community around WebOb and they have all
>> implicitly agreed to contribute back solutions to issues
>> that come up.
> Why did Swift move away from WebOb? Are they planning to go
> Back to using it at some point?
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