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Steven Hardy shardy at redhat.com
Mon Apr 22 14:38:42 UTC 2013

On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 01:47:59PM +0000, Tripp, Travis S wrote:
> Hi All,
> Was there discussion on what is the "short" term vs "long" term?  More specifically, how much of this do you think we can count on for Havana?

Firstly note, as in my disclaimer at the top of the "Vision" page, that the
wiki page generated by Adrian, while useful to focus discussion, does not
represent a formal roadmap produced by the Heat core team.

As such there are a number of items on that page which do not feature in
our current list of priorities at all (in particular the event processor
and task system bits)

That said, we have some BP's related to items in that page, so these should
be used as the definitive reference of what we're aiming at delivering for
havana (I'm still in the process of targeting/approving these):


The main BPs related to Adrian's Vison page/diagram are:


It may be that we define some additional BPs (in particular related to the
AutoScaling API and Workflow-library discussions), if/when it becomes clear
that there are contributors willing to work on defining and implementing

So the short answer to your Havana question is "it depends" - we currently
have a very small core team, and as such are unlikely to have resources
sufficient to implement all the interesting ideas discussed at Summit (or
on Adrians wiki page) - so how much we achieve over the next cycle is
absolutely dependent on the level of additional contribution we get from
those interested in and defining, implementing, and maintining these new



> Thanks,
> Travis
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> I have further refined the Vision Wiki page in accordance with further feedback from the core team. This is a shorter term vision that more closely matches what we will evolve toward in the short therm.
> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Heat/Vision

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