[openstack-dev] Seeking GSoC mentor for MySQL libdrizzle Eventlet binding project

Mark Atwood mark.atwood at hp.com
Sat Apr 20 20:13:26 UTC 2013


In addition to my being part of the OpenStack community and working on
HPCloud, I am part of the MySQL and Drizzle communities.  Drizzle is
participating in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) this year, and I am the
paperwork administrator for it.

At the OSDS last week in Portland, I attended the "Zen of Eventlet" session
presented by Chuck Their.  One of the things he brought up was that there
was no good Eventlet-enabled library for MySQL.  The Drizzle project has
written from scratch a C library, libdrizzle.so, that can both speak the
MySQL protocol, and is event capable.  In fact, the Node.JS and NginX
projects use libdrizzle to talk to MySQL servers because of that
event-orientation.  (It also helps that libdrizzle is BSD licensed).

I was thinking that it would be awesome and useful if I could instigate a
GSoC student to write an eventlet capable library for libdrizzle. I
mentioned the idea in the drizzle-discuss mailing list on Friday, and am
already getting prospective students volunteering for it.

The way that GSoC works is each student has a mentor, who encourages,
guides, and reviews the students work.  The mentor and the student usually
contact each other at least weekly, usually via IRC.  The mentor makes sure
the student is doing the work, and the work is both useful and of
acceptable quality.

So I need a mentor.  Any volunteers?

You need to be willing help select which student gets the project, spend a
few hours a week chatting with the student, reviewing their code, and
offering constructive assistence, sometimes while working through
difficulties in timezones and culture.  (Students are often from the
developing work, often from India).

You need to sufficiently understand eventlet programming, and Python/C
library bindings.  Understanding libdrizzle call API and the the MySQL wire
protocol would be nice, but you can learn as you go.

What we the OpenStack community would get, hopefully, is for OpenStack to
be able to more easily and efficiently talk to MySQL servers in an
eventlet environment   We would also get a person who has been enculturated
into the "open source way".

So, any volunteers?


Mark Atwood <mark.atwood at hp.com>
Director of Open Source Evangelism for HP Cloud Services
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