[openstack-dev] [Heat] Future Vision for Heat

Joshua Harlow harlowja at yahoo-inc.com
Thu Apr 18 05:37:02 UTC 2013

I'd be very interested in having 'Scheduler & Workflow Service' part there
be a library.

Pretty much every application is a workflow in some way, and using said
library in nova for the orc work there would be very neat.

As long as it doesn't change the use-case that heat desires of course (or
overload that use-case and make everything complex when it doesn't need to

It would be very neat to use those 2 services as a library, where I can
submit arbitrary code to (the state transitions that nova does) and have
it handle calling those states, coordinating, rolling back (or at least
calling a method to rollback, since rollback is usually very specific to
what has occurred). Basically submitting jobs, but not via a DSL/CEP (or
the like), not via a model interpreter, but directly via code. Is there
any documentation on how heat handles task resumption (if 1 engine fails,
another should be able to continue the work), how are said engines made HA
and reliable...

Such a engine library would make sense as the core 'engine' for a lot of
the openstack core projects imho.


On 4/17/13 2:47 PM, "Zane Bitter" <zbitter at redhat.com> wrote:

>Thanks Adrian!
>We should probably make it clear for those who can't be at Summit that
>this is not intended to be a record of the design summit discussions.
>I'd describe this as a snapshot of Adrian's evolving vision for Heat,
>taken after the design summit sessions. In particular, I think it
>reflects a couple of misconceptions about the current architecture of
>Heat, and it also contains some stuff that hasn't been discussed at all
>at Summit (e.g. the CEP part... btw my initial reaction to this is that
>it should probably talk to Ceilometer rather than the Autoscaling
>That said, there certainly *is* consensus that we want to evolve Heat
>toward being able to orchestrate whole applications rather than just
>services. We'll be doing further work throughout the week and
>subsequently on the mailing list to refine some of these architectural
>ideas, and we're looking forward to working with Adrian and his team at
>Rackspace to make it happen :)
>On 16/04/13 01:56, Adrian Otto wrote:
>> Heaters,
>> I attended the various sessions at the Design Summit today in Portland,
>>and assembled as many of the ideas for future planning as I could.  For
>>the benefit of those who are not attending, or who were not in these
>>sessions, I created this Wiki page to express what I think is an early
>>consensus on where we could take things. Let's tweak this if it's not a
>>good direction.
>> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Heat/Vision
>> Keith will be doing an Unconference session on the Workflow Service
>>ideaŠ I believe on Wednesday afternoon.
>> Thanks,
>> Adrian
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