[openstack-dev] [Quantum] Quantum VPN discussion

Nachi Ueno nachi at ntti3.com
Thu Apr 18 04:53:18 UTC 2013

HI folks

Thank you for your joining today's Quantum VPN discussion.

- We will add more detailed usecases
- remove insertion from GeneralVPNService
- continue discussion for needs of mode (l2 or l3) attribute of
   -- The opinion for removing mode
   GeneralVPNService has type attribute, so type can also express l2 or l3.
   For example,  l2.l2tp  l3.bgpmpls  kind of thing can be used.
   if there are no strong support for using mode, we will remote the attribute
- At first, we will focus on nova-parity SSL-VPN support ( Swami or
Sachin will work on this)
   Write ssl-vpn usecase
   Write API spec
   discuss it
- milestone could be
  general model -> H1
  ssl-vpn -> H1/H2
  the others -> H2/H3


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