[openstack-dev] Openstack rewrite in Go

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Sun Apr 14 18:30:45 UTC 2013

Hi Matthew!

I'm sure someone has thought of porting/re-writing OpenStack in go.
However, I think we're fairly all-in on Python at this point, and I'll
list a couple of reasons I believe that to be true:

- OpenStack isn't just the software - it's also largely the community.
We have hundreds of active contributors - retraining them on another
language, and re-tooling all of our tooling and automation to deal with
another language would be kinda massive undertaking.

- Changing something that massive would need an actual problem that it's
solving. In this case of the performance issues referenced in that post
- I don't think it's likely that we're hitting those sorts of issues in
our code, given the nature of the problem we're solving.


On 04/14/2013 07:11 AM, Matthew Sherborne wrote:
> Sorry for the crazy sounding subject.
> Has anyone thought of porting/re-writing openstack in a more efficient
> language such as Go ?
> I've considered it in the past and thought it far too hard to do, but I
> just read this article: http://jmoiron.net/blog/whats-going-on/
> ... and I was wondering if there is anyone else out there with similar
> sentiments ?
> In my mind, 'go' does seem like it was almost designed for the task of
> writing openstack.
> All replies welcome. If I'm acting insane, please feel free to tell me.
> Many Thanks,
> Matthew Sherborne
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