[openstack-dev] 2nd Quantum VPN discussion

Alan Kavanagh alan.kavanagh at ericsson.com
Thu Apr 11 13:40:29 UTC 2013

Thanks Sachin sorry I missed the meeting.

Just some comments and questions on the VPN models, which are very good by the way and I might be shooting from the hip as I missed the call yesterday, so please shoot if that’s the case ☺
 VPN Model-1: I am assuming the model is not restrictive to just those 3 noted VPN Service Types, we should make that explicit in this model and others.
VPN Model-1 slide-2: I assume the difference in this one that model-1 is that the VPN service (VPN Tunnel End Point) is done in conjunction by the Router.
VPN Model-2 slide-3: Model-2 is having a dedicated physical box for VPN only termination. I think that is fine, but in reality for at least connecting medium-to-large tenant networks you will run the VPN on the Site Router which will handle the Routing function for exporting the “selected tenant networks/routes” for reachability at the VPN end points etc.

Is there a reason why we talk about Physical VPN Gateway here in slide-3 ?


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Thanks Nachi. Just to add, we'll gather folks for the next round of discussion on Monday during the summit which should give us ample time before the first VPN session on Tuesday.

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Hi folks

I would like to share the result of 2nd Quantum VPN discussion which
held today on conf call.

We discussed general model of VPN based on usecase we agreed on the 1st meeting.
Current consensus is here, but we will continue model discussion on the Summit.

In the model, each VPN extension will create each own ServiceType,
and inject it to the Router using Service insertion.



Nachi  NTT

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