[openstack-dev] Show all flavors to admin user

Ray Sun qsun01185 at cienet.com.cn
Tue Apr 9 23:05:33 UTC 2013

I submit a new blueprint to add a new interface for admin user to get all
flavors including private ones in nova project.

This is related to this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1083602
This is related to the horizon blueprint:

Here's my plan:

Currently, after we create a new private flavor, we can't see it from nova
flavor-list, But it's truly there. This is not convenience for
administrator to maintain flavors. To avoid impact the original logical of
flavor-list, we should add a new interface to list all flavors for admin

nova flaovr-list-all
GET /v2/:tenant_id/flavors/all

Can anyone review this requirement and approve for me? Thanks a lot.
- Ray
Best Regards

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Technical Manager
Email: qsun01185 at cienet.com.cn
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