[openstack-dev] Jenkins build failure due to jsonrpclib dependency?

Satish Mohan satish at aristanetworks.com
Mon Apr 8 23:29:56 UTC 2013

Hi folks

Our recent patch sets for the following code review request seems to fail repeatedly due to Jenkins not being able to find jsonrpclib (we need JSONRPCLIB in our patch):


2013-04-08 18:04:29.962 | Downloading/unpacking jsonrpclib (from -r /home/jenkins/workspace/gate-quantum-pep8/tools/pip-requires (line 26))
2013-04-08 18:04:29.962 |   Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement jsonrpclib (from -r /home/jenkins/workspace/gate-quantum-pep8/tools/pip-requires (line 26))
2013-04-08 18:04:29.962 | No distributions at all found for jsonrpclib (from -r /home/jenkins/workspace/gate-quantum-pep8/tools/pip-requires (line 26))
2013-04-08 18:04:29.963 | Storing complete log in /home/jenkins/.pip/pip.log
2013-04-08 18:04:29.963 | 
2013-04-08 18:04:29.963 | ERROR: could not install deps [-r/home/jenkins/workspace/gate-quantum-pep8/tools/pip-requires, -r/home/jenkins/workspace/gate-quantum-pep8/tools/test-requires, setuptools_git>=0.4]
2013-04-08 18:04:29.963

This patch set used to build successfully before and find jsonrpclib, so we would appreciate any help on this.

Satish Mohan

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