[openstack-dev] Grizzly's out - let the numbers begin...

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Thu Apr 4 19:48:51 UTC 2013

On Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 2:47 AM, Stefano Maffulli <stefano at openstack.org> wrote:
> On 04/04/2013 08:24 AM, Mark McLoughlin wrote:


>> Frankly, though, I'm losing faith in this "number of commits" statistic
>> being all that useful. Most of my commits were probably trivial cfg
>> cleanups in Nova.
> Not one single number has meanings by itself but only acquires a meaning
> inside a story. If you look at count of commits together with the number of
> bugs closed over time, so you can see trends, for example, you may have an
> idea of how much effort goes into stabilization vs new features. Looking at
> commits and lines of code added/removed can also help understand where the
> development effort is going. Or at least the numbers will seem to tell
> something and force you to want to dive deeper.

Yes. I am increasingly worried about employers managing to these
numbers as well. I feel that the numbers that get discussed in the
community are the ones employees are likely to optimise for.

I'd like to see a more general discussion about what contributions we
value as a community, and how we encourage those contributions.


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