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Vasudevan, Swaminathan (PNB Roseville) swaminathan.vasudevan at hp.com
Wed Apr 3 18:08:06 UTC 2013

Hi Mark McClain,
I would like to have a discussion on the VPNaaS for the quantum prior to the Havana summit.
Is there a discussion group for the VPNaaS, if so could you please forward me the details.
If not can we start a discussion group to discuss the VPNaaS blueprint before the summit.


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I know we're busy working on the final push to get the docs ready for the Grizzly release.  I wanted to remind the team that summit session proposals are due by the end of March.

You can submit your proposals here:


A couple of reminders:
* It is not about who proposed first.  If we have multiple proposals for the same topic, the sessions most likely will be merged.
* We want to have a good balance of community projects vs shiny features.  Community projects are projects that benefit the community as a whole (i.e. metadata service, db migration, L3 multi host).
* Design sessions are a good way to discuss, build consensus and recruit others to help with implementation.
* If you have a mini-topic make a note in your proposal.  Mini-topics are something we'll spend around 15mins discussing.

Here are a few of the topics that would be good candidates to discuss in Portland:

* How can we make Quantum Simpler ((tm)) For deployers? For developers?
            * How do we make it easier to deploy Quantum in common cases?
* Improved Unit Testing
* Improved Tempest Testing
* Improved Quantum API Testing in Nova
* Improving Quantum Documentation
* L3
            * IPv6 Support
            * Pluggable IPAM
            * ACLs
            * richer NAT API (tcp/udp port forwarding)
* Modular L2 and L3
* Database Improvements (how to handle trunk chasers, model extensions)
* Full Multi-Host L3
* Device management and scheduling for services
* DNS and Quantum
* Bare-metal
* Physical Switch Interactions
* VPNaaS (important to separate use cases: site-to-site, sslvpn, mpls-vpn)
* LBaaS (how do we extend upon the foundation created in Grizzly)

Have something that's not in the list?  This list does not cover everything, so feel free to propose it on the summit website.

I hope you're excited as I am for the Grizzly release, and I'm looking forward discussing Havana Portland,

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