[openstack-dev] Rackspace Plans Contributions to HEAT

Duncan Mcgreggor duncan.mcgreggor at RACKSPACE.COM
Wed Apr 3 18:02:41 UTC 2013

On 4/2/13 3:47 PM, Adrian Otto wrote:

4) Auto-Scale Implementation - The solution will allow deployments to scale up and down dynamically based on demand. We want to design and implement this with you. We have considerable experience and resources to bring with us. We have a dedicated team to contribute solutions here.

Just to clarify the autoscale bit: we are well aware that there is currently autoscale support in Heat right now, and there's no intent (nor desire!) to reimplement any of that, nor throw anything over the wall ;-)

We had some great chats at PyCon with some folks about Heat and are really looking forward to ODS to dive in more deeply and get to know the current status, project priorities, etc. We've been lurking on IRC and started attending the weekly meetings recently.

There does seem to be some missing integration for monitoring and LBaaS (no surprises there for anyone, as that is all currently under active development), and this is where we want to focus our initial efforts. Well, here as well as advocating for consensus around an autoscale API suitable for consumption by integrators/devops/application devs/etc. We've created a blueprint in LP and proposed a session for discussing some of these things (focused on defining where folks think we are with regard to an AS API and where we want to go with that).

I've got a blog post pending with some more thoughts about this, and that should be up soon. I'll reply with a link when it has been published...

Still waiting on the devops.rackspace.com blog to publish this, so I just went ahead a pre-blogged it here ;-)

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