[openstack-dev] [Heat] Referencing VPC resources across templates

Simon Pasquier pasquier.simon at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 11:56:46 UTC 2013

Thanks for the reply.
I didn't dig much into the AWS documentation but like you pointed out, my
point was broader than just splitting VpcId & subnet resources. It would be
cool if Heat could support a template like this one:
Is it ok to file a bug on Launchpad for this use case?


2013/4/3 Zane Bitter <zbitter at redhat.com>

> On 03/04/13 09:29, Simon Pasquier wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Let say I have a first template to create a VPC network and another one
>> to create a subnet associated to that VPC.
>> <snip>
>> I want to pass the VpcId value as a parameter to the second template but
>> the stack creation fails. Looking at the code, this use case doesn't
>> seem to be supported.
>> Am I right? If yes, is it something planned for a future release?
>> Thanks,
>> Simon
> You're correct that this is not supported (the VPC must be in the same
> template as the subnet). It also doesn't appear to be supported by AWS (the
> documentation is poor, but it looks like the property type is "Ref", not
> "String") so, unless that proves not to be the case, it's extremely
> unlikely that we would add support for it.
> What AWS _does_ support is creating the subnet in the same template as the
> VPC and then passing the subnet ID to another template in the way you
> describe. Heat doesn't implement the SubnetId property on an Instance at
> all yet, but when it does this is something that ought to be allowed IMO.
> cheers,
> Zane.
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