[openstack-dev] Roadmap for Ceph integration with OpenStack

Loic Dachary loic at dachary.org
Tue Apr 2 22:12:07 UTC 2013


The "Roadmap for Ceph integration with OpenStack" session for the next OpenStack summit has been pre-approved a few days ago, in the Nova track. Together with Josh Durgin and Neil Levine, we have worked on an agenda which is visible at:


Josh Durgin will lead the session with me and we would very much like feedback to get the best of it. The session will be a dialog to voice concerns, propose items, etc. Is there anything that matters to you and you don't see ? Are you willing to commit to help make Ceph more useful when used with OpenStack ? Please let us know.


Loïc Dachary, Artisan Logiciel Libre

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