[openstack-dev] Blueprint: list-tested-apis

Mitsuhiko Yamazaki yamazaki-mitsuhiko at cnt.mxc.nes.nec.co.jp
Tue Apr 2 05:49:45 UTC 2013


Here is a blueprint I've registered.

Now Tempest team adds test cases aggressively for quality assurance.
This blueprint intends to find effectively which test case should be added.

As far as I investigated, Nova has 240 RESTful APIs, but only 30%(75/240) APIs are tested in Tempest.
The method of this blueprint enables developers to find which API is tested using new APIs(start/stop recording, create a report).
This is useful for developers, and it would promote the test development.

At first, my target is to detect which API is called in Tempest.
The prototype code is registered at the following URL and we can get a report like below.
---------report output------------
Tested API: 75/240
Tested No  Method Path                                                         Action
     0 000 GET    /                                                            
     0 001 POST   /{project_id}/servers/:server_id/consoles                    
     0 002 GET    /{project_id}/servers/:server_id/consoles                    
     0 003 PUT    /{project_id}/servers/:server_id/consoles/:(id)              
     0 004 DELETE /{project_id}/servers/:server_id/consoles/:(id)              
     0 005 GET    /{project_id}/servers/:server_id/consoles/:(id)              
   132 006 POST   /{project_id}/servers                                        
    13 007 GET    /{project_id}/servers/detail                                 
    41 008 GET    /{project_id}/servers                                        
    14 009 PUT    /{project_id}/servers/:(id)                                  
     0 010 POST   /{project_id}/servers/:(id)/action                           restore
     1 011 POST   /{project_id}/servers/:(id)/action                           suspend
     0 012 POST   /{project_id}/servers/:(id)/action                           migrate
     0 239 GET    /{project_id}/os-snapshots/:(id)                             

We'd like to discuss the design. Any comments are welcome.

Mitsuhiko Yamazaki

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