[openstack-dev] Why no test DB ?

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Mon Dec 10 04:02:24 UTC 2012


We do this already. Every test in Nova creates a new in-memory sqlite

In addition - on a machine with a proper config (which we detect) we
have a couple of tests which check some things against a MySQL database
(mainly to ensure that we properly create tables as InnoDB)

Can you point towards something that does not do this?


On 12/09/2012 03:59 PM, Matthew Sherborne wrote:
> Why don't we create and destroy a test sqlite in memory database for the
> tests instead of stubbing out the DB calls ?
> *Pros:*
> More thorough testing
> More straight forward testing (create records instead of whole mock
> structures)
> Easier to create new tests, no need to stub everything out again, just
> use the base test DB
> *Cons:*
> Probably slower tests
> Has anyone looked at this in the past ?
> All comments appreciated.
> Kind Regards,
> Matthew Sherborne
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