[openstack-dev] [keystone] Standardizing the approach to pip-requires dependencies

Brian Waldon bcwaldon at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 00:27:33 UTC 2012

I definitely support the common dependency list, but I'm hesitant to remove upper bounds. In the case of something like this python-swiftclient, I want to allow that team to release a version 2 that breaks the version 1 interface - that's why glance has the requirement of 'python-swiftclient>=1.2,<2'. This example applies to almost all of our requirements except in the case that we need to be even more restrictive.

On Dec 4, 2012, at 4:43 PM, Henry Nash wrote:

> Hi
> Openstack projects use pip-requires to indicate their dependencies.  While most of these dependencies are external components, some are other openstack projects - the classic example is that any project that will use keystone to authenticate obviously has a dependency on it.  Until recently this was usually specified in the pip-requries as:
> python-keystoneclient>=0.1,<0.2
> This recently broke when we incremented the keystoneclient version to 0.2 (which also included the move of the authentication code into the client from the server - making the dependency on the client particularly relevant).  
> I was in the process of updating any such dependencies (see: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/16375/), when I discovered that it appears there are differing views on whether we should have an upper limit to the version dependency, i.e. should we change this to:
> python-keystoneclient>=0.2,<0.3 (or maybe even 1.0)
> or maybe just
> python-keystoneclient>=0.2
> I must admit, I question the use of the upper limit - given that we don't have any plans to cut off support.  I assume the rationale of defining one before was to give us the option of such a cut off?  Can anyone confirm that?  
> I'd like to canvas views on whether there should be an upper limit - that isn't the standard everywhere (although we have done it for keystone to date).  My gut feel is to remove the upper limit - but am open to persuasion :-)
> Henry
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